Katherine Pascoe


  1.  . . . I say that almost without exception they are awesome children – down-to-earth, enthusiastic, happy, friendly, ordinary and extraordinary, quality children who give absolutely everything a go. In fact, everything we want our children to be! 

    We are also very fortunate to have a high-quality teaching staff, and a most supportive and proactive Board of Trustees and PTA.

    I welcome the opportunity to discuss what our school has to offer with prospective parents and children. Please feel free to contact the school office to make an appointment.

    Katherine Pascoe

  2. Welcome to Our School
    Orewa North Primary School is a primary school catering for children from Year one to six. It is located 40 kilometres north of Auckland at the Hibiscus Coast beach resort of Orewa.
    Our school is situated two blocks from the beach which is a natural attraction for all families associated with the school.​

    At Orewa North Primary School we want our children to be confident, excited, creative, energetic and enterprising. We want them to be independent thinkers, be equipped to take advantage of technological innovations and be able to relate exceptionally well to an increasingly diverse society. 

    Prospective parents quite often ask me what the children are like at our school . . . 

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