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​​Making a Payment to Our School

To help Orewa North School provide the best possible environment and learning opportunities for our students, we ask parents/caregivers for payment for certain programmes, materials and activities we provide.

For payments to our school, we can accept these payment methods:

You Can Pay This Way For:

Maths Buddy, Paper/ICT and School Donations, many Trips, Sports and other Activities. 

Payments to the PTA - Online or  Cash (no change given)

Sometimes we collect payment for programmes and services from a third party, like the PTA. In these cases we can only accept cash payments, because the money does not go into the school's account but is given to the third party. This also means we cannot give change when you pay cash. You can, however, pay some of these providers online directly into their bank account. 
When you are asked for a payment, please check in the notice you received from the school and/or the school newsletter to see which payment options are available for the particular provider.

At The Office:

Eftpos only - no credit card



R e motely:

Internet banking Orewa North Primary
account: 12-3046-0203560-57
(Please state clearly on the transaction:

  • your child's first and last name,
  • what the payment is for
  • your child's area number.

Print Internet Banking Details
Internet Banking Details